Should Schools Have Homework at all?

Homework or no homework

Whether schools should have homework or not is a pretty popular topic and it has been talked about for several generations. This topic will always be a debate among everyone, but debate aside, schools should have homework because it helps the students to learn, it reiterates what is taught in class and helps them better understand what they need to learn in the future. One thing leads to another thing and just helps everyone out in the long run. Learning in school and having and holding all of that knowledge is what helps you go through everyday life and be able to connect things to other things. Homework is designed to help all types learners retain information and how to pick up on patterns and how to appreciate knowledge.

Different types of learners

Audio Learners:

  • Pays attention to speeches or videos
  • Likes explained things
  • Likes to be told things
  • Enjoys music

Visual Learners:

  • Likes pictures
  • Likes movies
  • Step by step guides are appreciated
  • Enjoyed coloring and is very creative

Hands-On Learner:

  • Loves doing projects
  • Enjoys puzzles
  • Likes building things
  • 3D models are appreciated

Because everyone learns differently homework serves its purpose by involving reading, writing and even talking into play. There should be an average of a couple of hours of homework a night total from all of the classes. It helps to enforce the information you learned from your classes that day and if you didn’t do your homework or have your homework then you would not be able to pass your tests because you didn’t practice what you had learned that day from your classes.

Is homework right for all grades?

When you are younger there should be homework assigned because it is meant to help you learn and remember what you learned. So, throughout high school homework should be there and then when in college there should be less. Since you are an adult in classes your main goal is to learn, so why be forced to write a paper about something you won’t use in your real life career. Math is an understandable subject to have a little bit more homework in while in college because you need to practice math in order to fully comprehend it. So the teacher should just give great speeches and make the class interesting. With that being said homework should be in schools.

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