How to Cope with Complex Homework Assignments

Homework can be quite stressful. With so many courses, so many assignments, and myriad of other responsibilities, it can be overwhelming at times to cope with complex homework assignments. So what can you do? Follow these tips:

  • Learn how to prioritize. You will always have something that is due “tomorrow” and something that needs to be done “immediately”. But being able to manage your schedule and create a working homework time inside of your schedule will get you very far. You will want to find the most important homework assignments and do them first. In this case, the “most important” might not be what is due first. For example: if you are failing your math class and need to get an A on your next test—which means an A on all of your homework this week—in order to pass, but you also have four science questions due tomorrow for a lab—but you already have an A in science—then the math homework will take priority because it is the most important for your overall success. Once the math is done, if there is still time before school starts, you can turn your attention to the science work. But if one of the two has to be compromised, it will end up being the one that is less important.
  • It is important to make a calendar and a list. When you try and keep all of your due dates juggled in your brain, it can take up conscious space that you need to dedicate to other tasks. It can also hinder your progress and add unnecessary stress. By maintaining a calendar you can write down everything that is due that week, and then break it down by what is due on each day. You can take the daily snippet of your calendar and focus only on that each day of the week so that you do not become too stressed.
  • As you are reading or studying, take notes and highlight directly in the book (if you own it). This will help you to remember the information better. Do not write down everything you read or highlight everything you see. Instead focus on the key topics and any key words or details.

You are going to have to learn to skim when you are tasked with an overwhelming amount of work. Focus on finding a method of skimming that works best for you.

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