How Luxury Brand Responded to Fast Fashion


The fashion industry today has come of age in the 21st Century and has experienced significant growth, but at the same hand, the industry has been faced with various challenges especially for the competing brands. Due to many emerging trends among the consumers in the fashion industry, many manufacturers have been forced to make changes on their brands that suit the demand of the consumer. This has, therefore, contributed to high competition among top fashion brands in the industry.

How luxury brand responded to fast fashion

Luxury brands in the fashion industry such GUCCI, Armani, and Burberry are among many brands that target their markets by using unique selling proportion that target niche markets. This has been achieved through provision of high-quality products that suit the needs and wants of a significant class of the consumers who can afford expensive brands. With the emergence of fast fashion brands retailers such as Zara, Topshop and H&M, the market has become more competitive as these companies have introduced similar brands to that of luxury brands with quick access and at cheaper rates. Due to this many luxury brand designers have been forced to act fast by responding to different aspects to counter the competition that at some point has dwindled their sales volume.

For many luxury brands, differentiation, innovation and appeal, have been a guiding principle in their production processes. This has enabled many of these companies such Bestseller A/S to yet remain relevant, well positioned and with a significant market share.

Some luxury brand outlets have also opted for the provision of fair and affordable prices for their products making their brand accessible to many consumers. Many designers for luxury brands have also embarked on the production of outstanding brands of high quality but affordable to consumers.

Another strategy used by luxury brand manufacturer has been using new marketing strategies especially on branding. Use unique logos, and brand name has made it possible for consumers to differentiate their brands especially from those of the fast fashion industry. Some luxury Brand firms such as Burberry have also begun to improve their supply chain that endorse a quick response to demand by consumers but have also maintained high standard brands that is of quality and of lots of variety and well replenished stores.


Many luxury brand firms have also concentrated on other approaches such innovative methods in their production, and extension of brand collection that meet the market demands.

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