Searching for Free Geometry Homework—And Finding It!

Instructors, Textbooks, & Publishers Make It All Possible

There are more answers on the web than you think to homework that is published. Let me explain to you how instructors select textbooks. First, a school typically signs a contract with a publisher for a period of years—sometimes decades if they like them.

Now, the way new editions of textbooks happen is that if the writers of the textbook change even a little matter in the introduction, they can call it a whole new edition of the textbook and sell it for a new book’s price. This is why textbook prices are so high.

However, they do not frequently change all the matter in a textbook, especially exercises. Therefore, there are bound to be conversations, questions and answers to some of the problems giving you trouble on the web.

Try to Find Someone Else With Your Problem

Try searching by typing in the question / equation troubling you exactly as it appears in the book. See if anything pops up on Google. Someone might have helped someone on the web and explained how they got the answer.

Look for Like Problems on the Web

Often, it doesn’t have to be the exact same problem to help you. Instead, it can be so much like your problem that seeing it worked out will help you to solve the problem you’re tackling as well.

Look at your textbook and note the category of the problem – such as radius word problems. Then search Google for other problems in this category to learn the method behind solving the equation.

Try YouTube

The wonderful thing about YouTube is that nerds across the world have a chance to show off their geometry and trigonometry genius, and they love to make problems that you might think difficult look very easy indeed.

You can benefit from their knowledge (and videos!) by searching YouTube for geometry problems by category. When you find one video that helps, it’s easy to find another by searching for that video creator or looking in the lower right corner for recommended videos, which will probably recommend other videos on the same topic.

Try Online Tutors

Virtually all online tutoring services have free trials. You’ll want to search for a tutor that specializes in geometry. Tutoring services are filled with math doctorates and master’s students who tutor to fund their expenses while in college. If you really like their help, you can consider committing to their paid services.

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