Homework Tips: How to Keep Calm and do Your Job

There are all kinds of tricks I have for getting my work done, and believe me—I needed them, as I’ve been in school my whole life. I even had a professor in graduate school that wouldn’t cut me any slack when I had mono—and mono makes you sleep for two weeks—right through all of your alarm clocks.

During that time I had a thirty-page analysis of Foucault’s philosophical theories. WOW. I was in trouble. I developed some tricks to make it through that difficult time that still help me today.

Trick/Tip Number One: Reward Systems

Tell yourself, I’ll work for one hour straight and then I get to watch one program I really like on TV. Or – I’ll get this paper done and then I deserve to go rent a movie and eat some pizza with a friend. Or two more hours at the computer and I get a much needed nap.

Tip Two: Feeling of Accomplishment to Fuel Hard Work

Okay this is a good technique. Break your work up into categories from easiest to hardest. First, do something easy and get it done well. This feeling of satisfaction and feeling of accomplishments will fuel your energy to want to tackle some of your harder homework and to get that done too!

Tip Three: Coffee Club

Caffeine—just the right amount. Whether you’re a coffee, tea, or coke drinker –caffeine of all kinds does not hurt when you have to keep your mind very mentally alert to finish your projects. Gum chewing is another thing that revs your heart rate and metabolism and helps you focus.

There’s nothing wrong with a hot, sweet beverage by your side to keep you company.

Tip Four: Eliminate all Distractions

If you have a romantic relationship going and you leave the phone on the hook while you’re working—you’re just setting yourself up to get nothing done. Tell everyone you know that from now on, to call first before visiting and that if they call you and hear a busy signal, that means you need some alone time to get your work done. If they are really your friends, they’ll know how hard it is to achieve a focus on something and they won’t want to mess that up for you.

Tip Five: Tell Yourself – I’m going to get this done NOW. And do it.

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