Top 10 Must-Know Vocabulary Homework Ideas

Homework is one of the least favorite tasks for students because it is repetitive and monotonous in nature. This causes trouble for the students because they have more than a few assignments to tackle and do not understand which one to do when. If you are having trouble in completing your homework tasks, then you should improve your approach and consider your plan

Vocabulary building is important for students for their academic and practical lives. If you have a good vocabulary, you will be able to communicate well with others and develop a sound skill for writing and speaking. You can improve your vocabulary by several ways like reading books, watching good documentaries, reading newspapers and journals or taking part in quizzes that improve the word power. You can even play games with your siblings that involve vocabulary building. If you are not sure how to attempt your vocabulary homework then you should consider the following ideas

This list of ideas will help you in creating an excellent homework for vocabulary related tasks

  1. Practice playing board games likes scrabble and others that involve making word puzzles. You can set a competition between your siblings and friends while playing this game so that everyone tries his best to add new words

  2. Take part in spelling bee competition. This will help you learn new words, their form of the grammar and their application. You can ask your teacher or search the internet for latest competitions

  3. Design a quiz with the help of your parents or seniors and play it with your friends by dividing in teams. The team that knows the most words wins. This will be fun and help you learn easily

  4. Make cardboard and colored papers for learning new words. Type different alphabets or syllables on each cardboard and match it with others to create new words

  5. Keep a dictionary with you to learn a certain number of words each week. You can find a dictionary that contains sentences and examples to show you the meaning of each word

  6. Communicate with your friends and teachers using the vocabulary you learn each day. If you learn a new word from your text book try to apply it in your daily routine

  7. Make a list of all the words you learn in a week by then end of the week and evaluate your progress

  8. Learn phonics and pronunciation of different words

  9. Make a word globe

  10. Take a scrap book and collect different items along with their names

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