Doing World History Homework Easily: Helpful Tips for High School Students

So you have World History homework to do. Names, dates and place names become a valuable currency that can buy you that good grade. You need your facts to be accurate. You might even need credible citations if your assignment is to write an essay. To easily get through world history homework without being buried under a sea of your own notes, follow these tips.

Tips for Quick Information Gathering for World History Homework

  • Targeted research
  • Be very specific when inputting your query into a search engine. For example, while searching for material on the evolution of the industry in Europe, you are better off researching inventions in transport separately, inventions in communication separately, agricultural inventions etcetera. Don’t forget to use quotation marks so that the search engine knows only to search the string of characters that you input exactly.

  • Learn how to skim
  • Skimming is a very useful reading technique for when your homework requires research. While going through the relevant literature you need to be able to identify the useful information at a glance. Many students waste time reading through texts that eventually don’t contain the information they were seeking. With good skimming skills, you can easily evaluate the relevance of a text to what your assignment is and make a point to do more in-depth reading for note-taking.

  • Ask to your school librarian
  • Whatever the source, history never changes. A book published in 1970 will tell the same Napoleonic Wars story from a 2015 published book. It’s no matter if the library books are older than you. A librarian’s job is to know and stock the most useful books in the school library. They can help you decide which book will provide more information on the topic of your research and which one barely scratches the surface.

  • Wikipedia
  • I know, I know, Wikipedia is not a real source. What they never tell you is that information has to be verified before it is put on Wikipedia. While reading a Wikipedia article, look out proven statements within the text marked by a number in square brackets and superscript (for example, [23]). These are actually the sources that the moderators of Wikipedia and other readers have read and verified to be credible and that the article adhered to the literature it is citing. If the homework needs you to cite references in your essay, use the same ones listed in the references section, not Wikipedia itself.

Discuss, the material you find will not be the same ones used by another classmate. Discuss with your friend what sources you found and are using. They might have found a source that will enrich the content of your essay.

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