How to Find Trusted Algebra Homework Answers

After a long day at school, many students are overloaded with homework and assignments, which are all due the next day. Many students have after school activities or after school jobs that make additional demands on their attention and time.

Although topics may have been introduced during the school day, the homework assignments can get confusing. Where and how does a tired and overwhelmed student find explanations for a new topic? Where and how does an overwhelmed student get some help for a topic which she or he might find confusing? In the age of the Internet, a student has a plethora of options when it comes to getting a little extra help. These options include:

  • YouTube
  • Math Web Forums
  • Math Automatic Solver Websites
  • Social Media
  • Skype


Several channels are devoted to homework help, and by searching for a topic on YouTube, a student should be able to find several options for homework help channels. Once a student settles on a specific channel, he or she can bookmark it and look for other presentations made by the same person on different topics.

Math Web Forums

By simply typing "algebra homework help" into Google, a student will find an array of helpful sites. Be sure to look at the entries that are listed below the advertisements. There are some sites that will charge for information that can be found for free.

Math Automatic Solver Websites

When in doubt, use an automatic solver. When a student is frustrated, these websites can be an excellent "check.”

Social Media

Most people, young and old, are active on many different social media sites. Whether it is Facebook or Twitter, students are able to connect though direct messages or in a group chat. Although this is the easiest method, students should be wary of the answers given. Although students would be able to chat with others in the class, answers may not be entirely correct. “Face Time” is also another option, as perhaps a friend will be able to explain the assignment.


Chances are, a tutor or a teacher somewhere in the area is advertising for a free or paid tutoring session via Skype. Payments would go through PayPal or Venmo, and a student is instantly connected to a professional.

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