Finding Good High School Homework Solutions In Social Studies

If you can check your work as you go, you will be able to see right away which questions you got right and which you got wrong. Knowing where you are and how you are learning in class is best judged by doing this, because you can see exactly the results of your efforts. For the most part, teachers will not give out answer keys to homework because many students would just use it to cheat. However, for those of you that need help and honestly want to learn more, there are a few ways you can check your answers.

The internet or Google

Searching online, you can literally find anything. If you are unable to get to a library or have the textbooks that come with your classes, then use the web. Let’s face it, most students cannot afford all those books, despite the value they offer in having the answers in the back. Here are some more options:

  • There also may be pdf versions of textbooks online, either for free or to purchase for a much lower price than the physical book
  • There are lots of academic books that people have put up online, often the official version
  • You can also find other students who have scanned their textbook pages and uploaded them for others to use.

Teacher’s editions of books

If the problems for your assignment are from a book, then there’s a good chance you can find an edition that teacher’s use of the same book, which would include the answers. These are usually available at the college or university’s bookstore, but can often be found at libraries as well, borrowed for free. Just make sure it says somewhere on the book that it has the answer key or that it’s for teachers.

Use forums

The last option is to asking other students. If you aren’t doing exercises that are from a specific book, or you cannot find the teacher’s edition, then this is your best bet. Since forums are so popular on the internet, you can usually find any subject being discussed, including social studies. If you ask the people on here for answers, either the same questions they have already worked out, or ones that they solve to help you, you can find out more than what a Google search offers. Just make sure the people are reliable.

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