Do We Need Homework at School - Pros and Cons

This is a subject which has been debated for decades. There are some people who believe that homework is essential and that every student should be given material to tackle at home. On the opposite side of the argument are people who believe that school is the place for education and that every student should learn to relax and engage in other pursuits when away from school.

The people who argue against homework and its so-called value use the following points.

  • Any homework which is done badly is self-defeating.
  • Students who struggle with homework lose self-confidence.
  • There is no pressure to work consistently without supervision.
  • Parents are not teachers.

If a student is repeating mistakes when doing their homework they are in fact reinforcing a weakness. And if a student is struggling with their homework then their self-confidence can take a dent. This lack of confidence is then transferred to the time at school and the snowball effect is that the student actually goes backwards academically.

If a student is set a task as part of their homework and is left to work to their own devices, there is no pressure to work consistently and well. They are not acquiring good habits and in fact may be reinforcing bad habits. If they are supervised it's possible that because a parent is not a teacher they may be doing the wrong thing as far as helping their child is concerned.

The people who argue in favour of homework use the following points.

  • Knowledge is power.
  • Students need to develop self-discipline.
  • Areas of weakness can be rectified.
  • Homework brings families together.

The more time a student can spend working on homework assignments the better they will become as a knowledgeable human being. This can only be helpful both academically and in their life outside of school. By tackling homework and on a regular basis, students develop self-discipline.

If there is an area or areas of a student's education which is lacking, selective homework activities can rectify this weakness and turn it into a strength. And if family members can be involved in directing or assisting a student with their homework, this has many additional benefits.

This topic will continue to be discussed. There are always good and bad points regarding homework and the result of the debate will depend on a number of factors.

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