Interesting Homework Ideas for Newcomers

Kids are most successful in school when they know that their parents are there to help them. Parents taking an active interest in their children show the children that the homework they are doing is important.

But helping with homework does not mean you need to spend hours hunched over the desk of your child. Parents can support their children by demonstration studying skills, explain difficult problems, or merely encouraging their children to take a break. And parents may even learn something too.

Here are some tips to help:

  1. Get to know the teachers and their standards

    Attend different school events to meet with the teachers and ask questions about homework policies. Ask the teachers what level of involvement you should have.

  2. Set up a homework area.

    Create a well-lit and quiet place for children to do homework. Make sure they have all of their supplies within reach, including paper, pencils, scissors, etc…

  3. Establish a study time

    Each child is different. Some kids want to wait until after dinner to do their homework, while others want to get it out of the way right after school and a snack.

  4. Create a homework plan

    On nights that students have a lot of homework to tackle, try and encourage them to break it up into smaller chunks. Make a schedule for the night, with fifteen minute breaks every hour.

  5. Reduce distractions

    This means no phone calls—save for one asking another student about homework—no television, and no loud music.

  6. Let the kids do the work

    You can help, but the kid needs to learn. They need to do the work for themselves, with parents there to offer suggestions.

  7. Be a motivator

    Be there to answer any questions, give encouragement. and check over completed homework.

  8. Set an example

    Kids will follow your example more than anything, so make sure they see you balancing a personal budget or reading a book.

  9. Give them praise

    Not everything they do will be great, but give them praise when they complete an art project and post it on the fridge. Praise their aced test results on the fridge or brag to relatives.

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