Helpful Tips on How to Overcome Homework Procrastination

For many students homework procrastination is not about being lazy. Procrastination occurs often because students over work just before a deadline. Too much time is spent on not completing tasks. Students will over-research or spend too much time brainstorming. This is the opposite of lazy. It’s simply not working intelligently. Here are some helpful tips to overcome the dreaded “P” word:

Be Aware of Procrastination When it Occurs:

The first step to overcoming procrastination is understanding why and when it occurs. You can’t come up with an effective plan to fight procrastination without knowing what triggers you have working against you. Acquire this insight and get a leg up over what is often considered a self-imposed restriction keeping you from finding academic success.

Practice Some Time Management Techniques:

To overcome procrastination you should learn and practice some time management techniques. The best ones should reduce fear or anxiety and they should emphasize the rewards and satisfaction of completing tasks. Don’t overdo it to the point that you schedule tasks throughout your day down to every minute. Set realistic goals and allow yourself some room for unexpected events in between tasks.

Get Motivated in Completing Those Tasks:

Stay motivated for productive reasons. This means that you should look forward to learning and achievement. This is tremendously different from engaging in tasks solely for the fear of failing or simply getting a grade. Staying motivated will shift your focus towards the rewards you will have after you’ve completed your assignment.

Control Your Surroundings:

When you sit down to do your homework be sure that you have control over the different kinds of distractions you are bound to encounter. If you have trouble working with your friends because you know you’re going to spend the night chatting away, find a quiet space where they won’t find you. Be mindful of personal electronic distractions as well – like cell phones, internet, television, etc.

Set Realistic Goals for Yourself:

When you make a list of the tasks you need to complete your assignment you should be realistic about what you can and can’t do. You’re probably not going to write a 10-page essay in one night. That’s why you should start early in the week to ensure that you have enough time. Set small goals you know that you can achieve. As you check each completed task off your list you will gain confidence and motivation to move forward.

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