Tips and Hints on How to Do Your History Homework

Homework is intended to reinforce the skills and the information learned in class. Homework increases based on the grade a student is in too, making it a time consuming activity that only grows with age. Thankfully there are a few strategies that can be used to make homework fun and stress free.

  1. Use checklists. As a student you should get into the habit of using a checklist to keep track of your work. Use a small notebook or calendar specifically for writing down all of your assignments. Once an assignment is completed, it can be crossed off. This brings with it a sense of accomplishment. You can also keep track of your assignment and due dates in a calendar, but make sure you hand write everything, as this engages your tactile responses and commits the item to memory. If you write it out by hand, include the due dates, that way you can prioritize as you go.
  2. A tutor can help. If you are still struggling with school, you can get a tutor to help you in the evenings, on weekends, or during school. Some schools offer lunch hour tutoring where you can meet with a tutor in the classroom during lunch breaks, eat, and do your homework. If that does not work, many tutors can come to your home and work with you. There are also tutoring centers located throughout the country where you can arrange meetings with professionals. Tutors have a broad knowledge base about many subjects, while others are experts in one particular subject. Working with at tutor gives you one on one help reviewing a further explaining the concepts taught in class. Working with a tutor gives you the advantage of being able to ask questions whenever they arise and working at your pace. If you want to find a tutor, check with your counselor, the internet, the yellow pages, or nearby universities.
  3. Take time to look over your work when you are done. Look for mistakes and correct any of them. Identify areas that are your strengths and use them to improve the areas that are your weaknesses.
  4. If you start to struggle, then take that seriously. Discuss this early with your teacher or request a tutor to help you comprehend difficult concepts before it becomes a bigger problem. If it is a problem find a tutor who can provide you with extra assistance.

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