Should Students Get Homework in School?

Many people argue about the actual value of homework. It is difficult to decide whether these assignments are indeed needed to help children study. There is no arguing the fact that the educational system has relied on homework quite heavily in the past. However, times have changed, and today, children can get any information they need within moments. Therefore, the very concept of studying needs to be redefined.

Currently, there are both pros and cons to using homework as an educational tool. You must see and consider both of them to decide what your position on the subject should be.

Why Do Children Need Homework?

The most important benefits of homework assignments are:

  • Doing homework allows students an opportunity to practice, which is essential for their academic success. Revising the material learned in class helps you memorize it better.
  • Homework provides a form of training that makes it easier for students to adjust to the heavier study load that comes with moving on to middle and high school. Without being assigned any homework during elementary school, children may not be able to deal with the stress of more difficult classes.
  • When kids work on their homework, they learn organization and responsibility. This can help them in dealing with much heavier responsibilities they will have to take on when they become adults.

All in all, homework allows children to gradually learn how to grow up. However, its educational value in regards to mastering a subject may be a bit overestimated.

Why Do Some People Consider Homework Harmful?

Many people, quite a few of them being teachers, believe that homework assignments only hinder children’s progress with their studies. Some of the major arguments they use are:

  • Assignments aren’t personalized.

    Individual approaches are essential for education because every child is unique. This is why standardized homework assignments aren’t effective in the vast majority of cases.

  • Homework prevents children from playing.

    Kids spend a great deal of time at school, and many of them are involved in some extracurricular activities. This leaves them with a very small amount of time to play, and they are often forced to spend it on homework. This robs children of the opportunities to relax, as well as makes them hate school in general.

  • Doing homework can put additional stress on the family.

    The vast majority of American parents assist their children with homework in some way. This can be a good thing, but usually, these hours spent over books only serve as an additional stress factor for all the parties involved.

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