How to Help Kids with Kindergarten Homework Worksheets

If you have a kindergartner who is struggling with their homework worksheets, there are a few things that you can do to help. The first thing is to set up a homework calendar. Look for a homework calendar with a large amount of space because children in kindergarten need a lot of space when writing. Encourage your child to use a red pen to mark the dates or the tests that are most important. Give your child a green pen to mark activities that lead up to that due date. For example if they have a spelling test on Friday that should be written in red. But all of their spelling homework that week which leads to the test should be written in green.

  • Create a study kit for homework. Student’s waste a lot of time looking for their pencils are there paper or their calculator. Having those materials on hand can make organization simple. So make sure that you set aside a specific place for all the necessary tools. A shoebox is the perfect place to store all of these things. Inside of this box you should keep paper both lined paper and blank paper. You may in fact want to and corporative graphing paper. Inside of this box should also be contained pens and pencils, a ruler, crayons, marking pens, and a small dictionary.
  • Fix up your files. Have your child set aside one file folder for every academic subject. You can use regular office-supply folders or you can make your own folders from construction paper of different colors. Label each folder and only keep the most important papers in the corresponding folders. For example you can keep old spelling tests inside of the spelling test folder that way, when the end of the semester arise the child can review all of the words from previous tests.
  • Try and teacher children five-minute focus exercises. Before they start on their homework, encourage them to take five minutes to focus on what has to be done. During this five-minute segment, they can write down the things that they need to do that day. For example they can write down math problems one through five, study spelling words six through 10, or read chapter 1.

All of these tricks and tips can help make homework a stress free experience for kindergarten aged children.

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